1999-2024 Travel, In-House Retreats & Pilgrimages in Egypt, Japan, UK, USA

Spiritual travel and events at iconic ancient gateways. In 2020, Ash and Mohamed created their first Egypt retreat-hotels on the ancient gateways in Egypt. Habu Hotel Ecolodge is the first ecolodge of Luxor, built on the Medinet Habu. The Luxor Boutique Hotel launches 2024 with views of the Nile, Luxor Temple and the Theban Hills. We are committed to responsible tourism, global community, natural farming and traditional cuisine. We preserve history, culture and wellness innovation. Our events spaces host wellness gatherings and celebrations for 100 people. Our creatives residencies support art, sculpture and music for emerging talent.


Alchemy Egypt Tour Closed

From $5000.00

Alchemy Egypt Tour Closed
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8 Days
Egypt Obscuro 12-23 February 2023 Booking Closed
Partnership Project

From $3707.00

Eye of Ra Mystery School Tour 19-27 May 2024

From $6000.00

Egypt Spiritual Journey: Opening Evolution Portals 16-26 February 2024 BOOKING CLOSED
Partnership Project

From $5500.00

Ash's Merges Ancient History, Soul, Evolution and Genius Contribution in a Legacy of Research and Teachings
Discover a shared love of soul travel, community, ethics and human values. Play our Equinox Alchemy Tour sample schedule.

Our projects initiate you in mythical and divine soul journeys. Ash's events and schools pioneer a new era of emotional intelligence, consciousness and human impact. Progressive, genius and invaluable for individuals and organisations seeking awakening, conscious change and greater impact

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