Egypt Obscuro 12-23 February 2023 Booking Closed

Egypt Obscuro 12-23 February 2023 Booking Closed

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  • 12 Days
  • Max People : 40
  • 12-23, February 2023
  • Min Age: 18
  • Pickup: Cairo International Airport

We are proud to offer you a journey to Egypt, with all its breathtaking wonders. Egypt’s archaeological, megalithic, and metaphysical treasures have ignited the curiosities and mystified its explorers for thousands of years. Follow the footsteps of royalty and warriors, to a land that has witnessed a timeless metamorphosis within the Supernatural Realm. Dave Schrader will take us on a journey to incredible Egypt, a country whose enduring legacy is as powerful and transformative today as it was in the past. The treasures left behind by the ancient civilizations remain as they have for thousands of years, leaving remnants of energy that influence mystical realms. In ways that typical tourists typically are not granted, our small group will leave the typical crowds behind, granting the extraordinary ability to explore this ancient metaphysical civilization that remains in Egypt.

Be prepared to experience Egypt as most are not able to Imagine! History may standstill in the ruins of temples and tombs, but our expert Egyptologist and Metaphysical Guides, Tracey Ash and Mohamed Sayed, will bring it to life in the stories of gods, pharaohs, and legends from the great ancient civilizations that once walked these lands. Our special relationship with Ash Tours of Egypt is a gift, for they are connected to all the ancient treasures in Egypt. Tracey Ash's reputation and international presence will facilitate us to gain access to private spaces that are not offered to many. We will have exclusive invitations to paranormal investigations that are not available to most in the field. You will be treated like Pharaohs and Queens! We will also visit the Giza Plateau to experience the timeless Sphinx. Cruise the Nile on a sailboat and visit incomparable temples while learning about the symbolism at the heart of Egyptian philosophy. In Luxor, you will stay in a historical hotel, that has been transformed from a sacred ancient building to a beautiful Egyptian dwelling offering modern hotel accommodations. You will witness the symbolism in the heart of Egyptian philosophy. You will experience a magical visit to the enigmatic Temple of Man. Experience the magnificent Karnak Temple. Connect with the Sacred Geometry of the Flower of Life at Abydos and receive the divine energies of Hathor at Dendera. Plus, a special visit to the famed Abu Simbe, a beautiful rock-cut temple in the depths of the Nubian land. With Tracey Ash's guidance, you will connect with the ageless energies of the Great Pyramid during your private entrance into the King’s Chamber, where you will partake in spiritual communication and connect with the Pharaohs and Queens that inhabit these very active ancient spaces. Few are granted the privilege to have these extended visits for the purpose of our investigation. Tracy will offer classes on how to activate your PSI Sensitivity Spectrum, teaching you how to spark your mediumship abilities, learn trance and physical mediumship, and take part in seance sessions. We will be able to experience group energy healing and soul navigated journeys. We will have opportunities to elicit past life activations, spontaneous regressions, and remembrance. During our site tours, Tracey will engage us with daily mediations to absorb the ancient energies surrounding us. This is more than a tour. It is an unimaginable metaphysical and magical experience.

Our Ambassador: Dave Schrader Dave is the host of the long-running paranormal talk radio show, Darkness Radio & True Crime Tuesday, now in its 16th year! Dave co-wrote the book The Other Side: A Teen's Guide to Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal was the lead judge on the Travel Channel hit mini-series Paranormal Challenge and has appeared onscreen on Travel Channel's #1 series, Ghost Adventures numerous times. Dave has spent 2 years as the lead paranormal investigator on Travel Channel/Discovery Plus series The Holzer Files and is busy filming a brand new Paranormal Investigative Series for the same network that will begin airing in 2022! Dave co-wrote the book The Other Side: A Teen's Guide to Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal, was the lead judge on the Travel Channel hit mini-series Paranormal Challenge and has appeared onscreen on Travel Channel's #1 series, Ghost Adventures numerous times, Paranormal State on A&E and Haunted Hospitals. Originally from Illinois, Dave has been a resident of Minnesota since 1988 when he attended Winona State College and fell in love with the beauty and people of this great state. With the growing interest in the world of the unknown on TV, film, and literature building each day, Dave decided to bring his unique views and experiences to the radio as the host of Darkness Radio.

Our Accomodations:The following lodging (and if not available, similar) are offered during your stay in Egypt: ~ In Cairo: Steigenberger Cairo Pyramids Hotel (or equivalent) ~ In Lexor: Habu Hotel Ecolodge (or equivalent) ~ In Aswan: Tollip Hotel (or equivalent) About the Hobu Hotel Ecolodge in Lexor: The Epicenter of our Experience. Your home in Egypt. As a newly restored conscious eco-project, the centuries-old Habu Hotel is one of the oldest, historic hotels on West Bank, Luxor. It is situated in what is regarded as the finest iconic site- Medinet Habu Temple. With a mere one kilometer to Valley of Queens, The Rammeseum, Deir El Medina, Valley of Nobles, Valley of Kings, and Carter’s House, they are all within cycling and hiking distance. The Habu Hotel is part of the "Hotels Made with Love" organization, with the purpose to preserve and follow Egyptian traditions.

Meet Tracey Ash - Our Hostess Tracey Ash is an ascension time-lines metaphysics specialist since 1999. Trained at The College of Psychic Studies, she was mentored by President Suzanna McInnerry with the finest channels, mediums, and healers of the last century. Ash, British-born, lives in Cairo at The Pyramid Fields. Her Ark Project located in front of Abusir Pyramids Complex is her organization that supports new earth mobilization and Ancient Egypt research. The Ark’s most recent sister-project is the Habu Hotel & EcoLodge, in front of Medinet Habu, West Bank, Luxor. Ash is an innovator and influencer of the new era. She inspires original thought and spiritual values to transform our world. She revolutionizes with elite training, retreats, and events in journeys of timetravel and beauty that awakens magic. A fashionista, Ash dreams reset-hotel and retreat spaces in ancient gateways for retreats and events. Tracey specializes in permission visits, providing us access to properties that are not typically available to tourists. With her dedicated work as a Gatekeeper of the Pyramids, she has participated in on-site research between Giza and Medinet Habu, Luxor. She is the author of WoundWeaver, Reality Revolution, Celestial Healing, and Life Vision. She was invited to The United Nations in 2018 for her unrivaled fieldwork in contact and Metaphysics. She is an honorary member of PSI Science Institute Japan. As spoken by Tracey, "We are the sons and daughters of the creator Gods. May we travel through the illusion of time to our creation story. To be remembered is to live it again today. May the abode of Creator purify and sanctify our existence. As we remember from where we came, and to where we return." She invites us to explore. "We must travel always with many questions and metaphysics experiences."


Price Includes
Airport Transfers from Cairo International Airport on dates of arrival, inter-Egypt flights, and departure. An off-site location may be offered as an alternative to the Airport.
Inter-Egypt Flights (Cairo to Luxor)
13 Nights of Superior Hotel Accommodations
Service charges and taxes at your hotels.
Porterage of one piece of luggage per person on arrival at hotels
Experienced Egyptologist guide to accompany you for the duration of the trip.
Fees for all venues and activities listed on the final itinerary
All meals as described in the itinerary. In summary, you will be offered · Breakfast each Morning · A Welcome Celebration Jubilee
Luxury Coach with Expert Drivers
Special Guest: Dave Schrader, leading us through Paranormal Investigations
Special access to unique places and extraordinary experiences with four exclusive paranormal Investigations in the most iconic locations in Egypt: The Great Pyramids in Giza, Tomb of Nefartari, Tutankhamon Tomb, and the centuries-old Habu Hotel in Luxor.
Mediumship / Metaphysical classes and seances
Use of Paranormal Investigation tools (You may bring your own gear and protection tools)
Celebration during the evening hours
Information of each location’s information, history, and tales of legends
Our signature “Secret” whimsical surprise
24-Hour Emergency Customer Service while in Egypt
Souvenir eBook upon returning home
A great group of fellow Mysterious Adventures Tours travelers, excited to explore all that Egypt has to offer!
Price Excludes
Round Trip Airfare (We will assist you to capture the best route and rates.)
Pre and Post Accommodations (may purchase separately)
Travel Insurance (recommended)
Additional meals and drinks outside of the itinerary's offerings, including alcoholic beverages
Passport Fees
Required (or elective) COVID19 Testing
Tips for Egyptologist guide and hotel staff.

Travel Styles

Nature & Adventure
Special Interest
Ancient Monuments
Day 1

Arrive at the Cairo Airport where Dave Schrader and a representative
of Mysterious Adventure Tours will greet and assist you through
luggage claim and customs. A private vehicle will take you to Giza.
You will stay at the magnificent Steigenberger Cairo Pyramids Hotel
(or equivalent).
This day will be dedicated to relaxing and getting acclimated to your
new time periods and environment.
In the late evening, you are invited to a Welcome Banquet
Celebration at the Ark Abusir, to meet and greet Dave, our staff, and
your new Egyptian friends that will share their country with you! We
will have small appetizers and traditional juices, teas, and coffees.
You will witness your first Egyptian sunset extravaganza
backdropping to the Pyramids Fields.
🛏 Steigenberger Cairo Pyramids Hotel or Equivalent
🍽 Celebration Festivity

Day 2

We begin our discovery of Egypt at a slow pace to take in the only
surviving intact site of the original Seven Wonders of the Ancient
World. Accompanied by our expert Egyptologist guides, with a visit to
the iconic Pyramids of Giza, also called the Giza Necropolis, is the site
on the Giza Plateau in Greater Cairo. Nestled within you will visit the
Great Pyramid of Giza, The Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of
Menkaure. Keeping watch overall is the legendary figure of the
Sphinx, with the head of a human and the body of a lion.
Adding to the thrill, we will receive an exclusive 3-hour private visit,
an opportunity to investigate and communicate with its spirits! This
includes entry into the King & Queen Chamber with special access to
the original entrance shaft.
🛏 Steigenberger Cairo Pyramids Hotel or Equivalent
🍽 Breakfast

Day 3

About six miles south of Saqqara lies a breath-taking 2+ miles field of
4th and 12th dynasty pyramids. We start with the newly opened
Pyramid of Ulnas, a huge subterranean complex with early pristine
hieroglyphic texts and the Serapeum (tombs of the sacred bulls).
There were originally 11 pyramids here, only the two Old Kingdom ones remain intact. Pharaoh Sneferu (2613–2589 BC), the father of
Khufu, built Egypt’s first true pyramid here, the Red Pyramid, as well
as an earlier version, the Bent Pyramid. These two striking pyramids
are the same height, and together are also the third-largest
pyramids in Egypt only following the two largest in Giza. These
lesser-known Pyramids have only opened to the public in 1996!
🛏 Steigenberger Cairo Pyramids Hotel or Equivalent
🍽 Breakfast

Day 4

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo (EMC) is the oldest archaeological
museum in the Middle East, housing over 170,000 artifacts. It has the
largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities in the world, expanding
from the Predynastic Period to the Graeco-Roman Era (c. 5500 BCAD 364).
Stand face-to-face with the Golden Mask of Egypt’s most famous
teenage King Tutankhamun among most of the mummies that have
been discovered since the 19th century, including some of the most
famous pharaohs, including Ramesses II, Seti I, and Egypt's only
queen, Hatshepsut. You will see the beautiful jewelry discovered in
the Royal Tombs of Tanis and other majesties. You will be connected
to their legends and myths by our Egyptologist guide.
From here we will hop on a flight to take us to the magical city of Luxor where the mystical realms will take us to incredible
🛏 Habu Hotel EcoLodge or equivalent
🍽 Breakfast

Day 5

Temples were built to reflect the Zep Tepi, the "First Time”, the
beginnings of the creation of the world. The Luxor Temple is a true
reflection of this time when the mound of creation emerged from
primeval waters.
This graceful monument dates to around 1300 BCE and was built by
pharaohs Amenhotep III and Ramses II.
🛏 Habu Hotel EcoLodge or equivalent
🍽 Breakfast

Day 6

We will start our day by visiting the massive temple complex of
Karnak. It served at the principal religious center of the god Amun-Re
in Thebes during the New Kingdom (which lasted from 1550 until 1070
The complex remains one of the largest religious complexes in the
world ever built for a god. Its multiple temple buildings are
monuments to a list of pharaohs who all wanted to stamp their mark
on the kingdom’s most revered religious sanctuary.
🛏 Habu Hotel EcoLodge or equivalent
🍽 Breakfast

Day 7

Watch the warm breeze fill the traditional lateen-rigged sails. See
minarets and skyscrapers drift by, and enjoy the serenity of life on
the water, away from the city’s bustling streets.
Simply relax on deck as the morning or evening light illuminates the
riverfront’s swaying palms and wharves while enjoying a lunch
🛏 Habu Hotel EcoLodge or equivalent
🍽 Breakfast

Day 8

Valley of the Kings & Queens: We start by exploring the Luxor Temple
of Isis, located in the middle of the Nile River, it was built to honor the
goddess of love, passion, and fertility in ancient Egypt. According to
inscriptions on the propylon, the construction of the Isis temple
started around the beginning of the 1st century CE.
We then proceed to the Tomb of Ay, located in the Valley of Kings. It is
believed this tomb may have originally been intended for
Tutankhamun, but he died unexpectedly early so another, private
tomb was quickly enlarged for his burial. Later it was taken by his
successor Ay, considered to be the last king of the Amarna period.
Consequently, his tomb was badly mutilated and all images of Ay
were destroyed.
To conclude our tours, we proceed to the Valley of the Queens.
Located on the West Bank of Luxor near the Valley of the Kings, the
Valley of the Queens is the place where wives of Pharaohs were
buried in ancient times. Some included princes, princesses, and
various members of the nobility, as well. Nefertari's tomb (Ramses II
Favourite wife) is the most famous attraction.
Included on this day, we will experience our second private exclusive
3-hour tour in the powerful Nefertari Tomb. The tomb is said to be
one of the most beautiful in Egypt: it is completely painted with scenes depicting Nefertari being guided by gods.
🛏 Habu Hotel EcoLodge or equivalent
🍽 Breakfast

Day 9

Our Luxury Bus will take us to Aswan, where we will visit the Aswan
Temple of Isis. This island temple complex was dedicated to the
Ancient Egyptian goddess Isis.
We then proceed to Philae Temple, a World Heritage-listed
monument. Embellished with hieroglyphs and monumental
colonnades, this temple displays from the late Pharaonic era.
We conclude our day at the Unfinished Obelisk, which demonstrates
the machining of an obelisk. There is much evidence of giant cutting
wheels in the surrounding granite quarry.
🛏 Tolip Hotel in Aswan (or equivalent)
🍽 Breakfast

Day 10

Today we will visit the Temple of Seti I, which is the oldest known
example of the Flower of Life in Abydos, Egypt. Most archaeologists
maintain that they are at least 6,000 years old. The Flower of Life in
Abydos in The Osirion appears that it was not carved into the granite
but instead may have been lasered into the granite with precision. It
represents the Eye of Ra, a symbol of the gateway to eternity and the
journey back to our original sacred destiny blueprint and original
mission of soul on earth.
We then proceed to the Denderah Temple of Hathor. Dendera is a
Greco-Roman temple complex known in ancient Egyptian as Iunet or
Tantere. The modern Arab town is built on the ancient site of Ta-yntnetert, which means '”She of the Divine Pillar”.
The Dendera zodiac is an Egyptian bas-relief from the ceiling of the
pronaos (or portico) of a chapel dedicated to Osiris in the Hathor
temple at Dendera, containing images of Taurus (the bull) and Libra
(the scales). This chapel was begun in the late Ptolemaic period.
Detailed prophesy on The Ascension.
We will return to Luxor this evening.
🛏 Habu Hotel EcoLodge or equivalent
🍽 Breakfast

Day 11

Our last day in Egypt will be grand. We are given a private
permission tour of the Tutankhamon Tomb with an exclusive 2-hour
access, where we will attempt to ignite communication with the
dead within these ancient walls.
Tutankhamun was only the age of nine when he became king of
Egypt during the 18th dynasty of the New Kingdom (c. 1332–1323
B.C.E.). His story would have been lost to history if it were not for the
discovery of his tomb in 1922 by the archaeologist Howard Carter in
the Valley of the Kings. His nearly intact tomb held a wealth of
objects that give us unique insights into this period of ancient
Egyptian history.
When we return to Habu Hotel, we will enjoy a Celebration Farewell
Feast to recall our memories and keep them deep in our hearts.
🛏 Habu Hotel EcoLodge or equivalent
🍽 Breakfast

Day 12

After our unforgettable journey through some of the world’s most
undiscovered lands, it’s time to say goodbye to the archaeological
wonders and the friends we’ve met along the way.
After a hearty Egyptian breakfast, we will take an early flight from Luxor to Cairo, where we will catch our flights back home. A Post-Tour Day is offered in Cairo, for those that wish to spend an additional day there.


The Ark Abusir was designed and created by Ash in sacred inspiration of her service to humanity. She creates retreat facilities that are living souls- sacred spaces that support ancient journeys and spirituality discovery. Her facilities are built on powerful ancient gateways. The Ark Abusir is a purpose built elite retreat and events space for 20 people at Abusir Pyramids and Abu Ghorab Obelisk & seven sun temples. The Ark Abusir is powerfully aligned with Heliopolis, Memphis and Giza in a creation story of humanity. Ash revolutionises with an ark of knowledge and initiation of ancient history secrets and new era spirituality . A panoramic rooftop aligns with a unique pyramids field experience. Ash is a collector, mystic and gatekeeper. Thes view of iconic sites include the Great Pyramid, at Abusir Pyramids-Sahure, Neferirkare and Neferefre, at Abusir- Abu Ghorab, at Saqqara- the Pyramid of Unas, the Pyramid of Djoser, the Serapium and Dashur- the Red Pyramid. The Ark Abusir designed and energetically prepared for restoration and retreat, nature, meditation, inner journeys, initiations and ceremonies. Our reset-concept invites sacred inner work with silence and meditation areas, prayer and yoga mats, fire ceremony pit, lounge and journaling sofas, ritual candles and healing crystals. Each bedroom has en-suite bathroom and shower, each with sumptuous four poster bed for deep process and dreaming. Key travel experiences: mysticism and academic, evolution, consciousness, ancient journeys and conscious tourism, iconic history, style, culture, Islam, pyramids and unequalled geology.

Imagine an historical hotel where the timelines of ancient Egypt and its famed archeologists and explorers sits in the most extraordinary landscape of ancient sites. Luxor surpasses even the new Grand Museum. Here you travel in time, walking in the footsteps of legendary Kings and Queens to know the spirit of ancient egypt and the eternal souls of the pharaohs. Nothing can compare to quality of travel experience. We help you make your dreams of ancient Egypt come true. We produce quality tours that can immerse you alone at night in an iconic ancient site. We produce highest quality tours, bonafide ministry of antiquities sites permissions, with a network of professionals dedicated to highest quality Egyptology, Culture and Tourism. We honour this and uphold this. It is our service to transform tourism in Egypt so you experience the very best.

Please be aware of cultural and religious conservatism and laws. Check your government agency guidelines for Egypt Travel. Tour Induction will include Egypt Travel Guidelines.

Purchase your 25 USD visa upon arriving, from bank windows before reaching Passport Control. Your Landing Card will be completed. Please use The Ark Abusir, Giza Governate, Cairo as your destination.

All currencies accepted and exchanged. USD, EURO & GBP are preferred.

Please be aware of cultural conservatism regarding public meditation and yoga.

We cater for all diet requirements. V, VG, GF, LF. Please indicate your preferences so we can prepare your stay. Raw and Juice Detox is an option.

At the Arrivals exit look for our team with THE ARK ABUSIR or HABU HOTEL ECOLODGE signs. The Ark Abusir is s 1 hour from Cairo International airport. Habu Hotel EcoLodge is 45 minutes from Luxor International Airport.

Be conscious of your carbon footprint, social impact and retreat protocols aware. Be mindful of interactions, spiritual and healing processes. There are advanced specialist sessions to mentor you through challenge or potential.

Foreign travellers are tracked in multiple government agencies for security and safety. Security agents and convoys are deployed to groups



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