Alchemy Egypt Tour Closed

Alchemy Egypt Tour Closed

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  • 8 Days
  • Max People : 20
  • Wifi Available
  • 19-26 September 2022
  • Pickup: Cairo International Airport

Ceremony of New Earth

at The Ark Abusir & Habu Hotel EcoLodge 

19-26 September 2022

Ash is Mystic (Egypt)

Tengoko Itu is Tibetan Sound Master (Japan)

Step Pyramid Equinox Special Event 17-19 September 2022

In 2018, Ash was called to The Great Pyramid for prophesy on the brith of New Humanity. All power in The Great Pyramid was lost and Ash was given prophesy in the womb of the Kings Chamber in darkness. Seven Gatekeepers aligned at Seven Ancient Gateways with The Prophecy  of The Return of The Great Central Sun to Earth. This is the End Time, known as the astronomical and astrological phenomena of The Precession of The Equinox.

Alchemy Equinox Egypt Tour travels you into iconic ancient sites of The Pyramids Field and Luxor. This new era project unites Ash, Mystic and Tengoku Itu, Sound Master in revolutionary quantum field initiation and sacred ceremonies This experience revolutionises your intelligence and impact as an agent of change.







From Tracey Ash

‘Living here in Egypt at the ancient gateways has brought myriad insights. How we accelerate meta-physics, sovereign connection with Ancient Ones and Ancestors . The Ancients constructed giant structures to hold open gateways of time and eternity for evolution unequalled today. Ancient Egypt goes live. The Ancient Ones speak through me, the sacred texts, sovereign stories, rituals and sacred power of another world. Where Kings and Queens became Gods and their souls stars in the skies. In Egypt you enter gateways of sacred magic redefining everything you believe.  From metaphysics to contact, ancient pyramids  of eternity to the temples of millions of years. You will enter truths that most of humanity will never know.’

From Tengoku. Ito

‘Ancient ruins that have been passed down through the ages and still speak to us through their appearance. There is an "ancient wisdom" that can only be seen when we close our eyes and focus our consciousness.This is a journey to open the sacred door in our hearts and realize access to the next dimension. The "sound" that transcends time and space.Sound is the source of the universe, a frequency (hado) , a sacred vibration that is indispensable to our life. The "dragon sound" dedicated to the gods and goddesses that travels around the shrines and temples of Japan is delivered to the gods of the land of Egypt, and the harmony of countless overtones released across dimensions opens the gate of evolution at the center of our consciousness. You are not only a witness to this new page of history, but also one of the protagonists who will make it happen.

You  experience

Detox and healing of the 3D, 4D

Personal and Earth Healing & Evolution

Sacred Initiation & Contact

Ascension of highest frequency

Ancient Wisdom, Science of Power Sites, Zero Point 

Activation of consciousness

5D, Awaken your potential

The alchemy as a process of ascension

The phenomenon of gold dust spurting out and scents coming down by touching the higher dimensional vibrations (individual differences exist).

Time travel to connect with ancient Egyptian energy

Dragon Sound Singing Bowl Meditation to connect the cosmic and earth grids

Sound, numbers and waves. What happens when we know, play, pray and meditate on vibrations (hado).

The concept and method of Real Ascension embodied on Earth.

The "dragon sound"

UFO & Contact

Ancient Ones & Ancestors

About Ash

Ash is a Mystic, Time Keeper, GateKeeper. She is an Earth Wisdom Keeper and Prophesy Specialist. Her work on extra-terrestrial contact and metaPhysics took het to The United Nations in NYC in 2018. 

A Specialist for 22 years, Ash was trained and discovered at The College of Psychic Studies, London where she worked 1999-2015. Her service is to humanity and ancient gateways of Egypt, Japan, United Kingdom, Europe, USA and Australia. 1999-2022.

Creator of Imagine One Earth, a new era initiative for light workers of New Earth. During these times, we struggle with inequality, suffering and war. This initiative  unifies our efforts for collective evolution across earth and community, activating Earth Chakra Gateways powered by GateKeepers of impeccable back-history, service and wisdom.  We influence time, when we unify. collective intelligence.  We mobilize in quantum field intelligence. In this New Humanity we ignite Reality Revolution. Despite Matrix we impact change in New Consciousness. 

Partners & Press

Conscious Life Expo LA, New Living Expo, New Life Expo, The First Global Pyramid Conference USA, Tree of Life UK, The Society of Psychical Research UK, Mind Body Soul London, London College of Spirituality, Synchronicity Japan, Natural Spirit Japan, DynaVision Japan,  IYASHI FAIR & Trinity Japan, Voice Inc Japan, CUTTING EDGE DOCUMENTARY C4, College of Psychic Studies, MBS WellBeing Festival, The Times,The Daily Express, The Evening Standard, Tokyo Sports News, Findhorn Publishing, Amomone Magazine & Education, Imagine One Earth, Thrive, Dr Bruce Lipton, Emoto Foundation, Disclosure Festival. OBooks, Shiroh Tenge CEO Sony, IONS Research Partner, Tengoku Ito, Amonome Magazine.


18/9 Arrive Cairo International Airport

Price: £700

19/9 04:00 The Step Pyramid Ceremony includes one hour ceremony protocol 18/9 21:00

The Ark Abusir 50 GBP Single Room or Twin 75 GBP Option 17/18-19/9 


Optional Personal Sessions on 18/9 at The Ark Abusir

10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00

Price: £250 English

Japanese Translation 400 USD


WoundWeaving travels the timelines of your journeys. WoundWeaving aids peace and resolution of your trauma. Authentic healing will witness your pain and freedom. An authentic helper has walked before you and will walk with you to unlock the sovereign gateway to heal you. 

WoundWeaving specializes in psychology and stories reset, challenging, blind karmic loops, toxic programs detox and unhealthy attachments, repeat drama responses, extreme high sensitivity spectrum, incarnation trauma origins and resolution, biological trauma and extreme healing crisis such as critical Illness or soul crisis.

Specialisms: extreme high sensitivity spectrum, false reality programs attachment,  ancestral trauma reset, sovereign protection, timelines recalibration, negative karmic gateways closure for individuals and property, adverse energies removal.  

Sovereign Empowerment and new earth initiation- millennials and conscious individuals who require intensive false matrix detox to materialize next level sacred love, mission, intelligence and service.

Destiny Readings

Imagine an Oracle who can read your destiny. Travel through your timelines. Access the dreams of a sovereign existence. Individuals seek the vision of an Oracle when the road is less travelled. Oracle of this calibre will eloquently describe the magic of your soul, your unacknowledged human intelligence, potential and existence.  An Oracle of this calibre will read the perfection of your akashic chronicles detailing the mission of your life and signature of incarnation. An Oracle of this calibre will access and initiate your mission, your most innovative soul journeys that sacred call you into profound existence whether your focus is love, service, service to family and community, or creating impossible dreams. An Oracle of this calibre will identify your current life situation. Practical analysis is presented with logic and detail that initiates new gateways of time.

Specialisms: destiny and mission, timelines analysis and quantum field initiation, sacred love, business, career and new earth innovation, ethical spirituality, conscious humanity gateways, new psychology, genius and original thinking in any field.


Imagine a world of mentoring where initiation of new gateways is prioritized over conventional educational methods to release original thought in next era consciousness and spirituality. The next era is post- covid is reality savvy and engineered to respond with intelligence, innovation and ethics.   

Specialism: sacred love, genius initiation, ethical spirituality, quantum field initiation, programs and systems innovation,

advanced ascension, advanced metaPhysics sciences, of our Ascension University and Mystery School.

Price Includes
The Ark Abusir & Habu Hotel EcoLode Twin Room Share
Breakfast V. VG. GF, LF
Alchemy Tour schedule of UNESCO monuments, specialised lectures and training.program
Bilingual (Japanese/English)
Unique retreat facilities that support ritual, ceremony, yoga and meditation practices
Daily room service upon request
Specialised in-house oil and incense shopping (your expense)
Handmade Goddess & Gods Shopping (at your expense)
Culture and authentic Cuisine Immersion
Imagine One Earth free event 21/9/2022 14:00-16.00
Shawls, scarves and Egyptian crafts shopping (at your expense)
Price Excludes
Airport Transfers
Extra Excursions
Lunch, dinner & beverages Raw V VG KF GF
10-20% tipping on all services
Individual sessions & mentoring
All personal shopping
Travel & Medical Insurance

Travel Styles

Special Interest
Ancient Monuments
Day 1

19:00-22:00 Welcome Dinner and Tour Induction Ceremony

Day 2

10:00 The Great Pyramids Necropolis
Packed Lunch at The Great Pyramids

14:00 Oils Shopping Cairo
Stay at Ark Abusir

19:00 Dinner The Ark Abusir

Price 100 GBP

Day 3

03:30 Cairo to Luxor Flight
Arrive Habu Hotel EcoLodge or luxury bus by arrangement

18:00 GALACTIC ACTIVATION & SOUND ACTIVATION in front of Medinet Habu Temple


Day 4


08:00 Karnak Temples Complex
The massive temple complex of Karnak was the principal religious center of the god Amun-Re in Thebes during the New Kingdom (which lasted from 1550 until 1070 B.C.E.). The complex remains one of the largest religious complexes in the world.

14:30 Lunch Habu Hotel EcoLodge

16:00 Alabaster Sacred Tools Shopping

Stay Habu Hotel EcoLodge

19:00-20:00 Dinner

20:00-21:00 Egyptian Cotton Scarves Souvenir Shopping at Habu Hotel EcoLodge

Day 5

7.00-14:00 Temple of Hathor, Denderah
Dendera a Greco-Roman temple complex known in ancient Egyptian as Iunet or Tantere. The modern Arab town is built on the ancient site of Ta-ynt-netert, which means 'She of the Divine Pillar.

The Dendera zodiac is a Egyptian bas-relief from the ceiling of the pronaos (or portico) of a chapel dedicated to Osiris in the Hathor temple at Dendera, containing images of Taurus (the bull) and Libra (the scales). This chapel was begun in the late Ptolemaic period. Detailed prophesy on The Ascension.

Packed Lunch 200 EGP

Stay Habu Hotel EcoLodge

19:00 Dinner


Day 6

09:00-14:00 Valley of the Kings and Tomb of Ay Ceremony, Valley of the Monkey. Nile Ancient Water Ceremony.
Valley of Kings-The Valley of the Kings (Arabic: وادي الملوك Wādī al-Mulūk; Coptic: ϫⲏⲙⲉ, romanized: džēme),[1] also known as the Valley of the Gates of the Kings (Arabic: وادي أبواب الملوك Wādī Abwāb al-Mulūk) is a valley in Egypt where, for a period of nearly 500 years from the 16th to 11th century BC, rock-cut tombs were excavated for the pharaohs and powerful nobles of the New Kingdom (the Eighteenth to the Twentieth Dynasties of Ancient Egypt

14:00 Lunch

Stay at Habu Hotel EcoLodge

19:00 Dinner

20:00 Papyrus Souvenir Shopping

Day 7

09:00-13:00 Medinet Habu Temple
The Creation Story. Tracking and initiating planetary star-gates of importance in our human origins and ceremonial gateways of deification.

Medinet Habu was known as Djanet and was the place were Amun first appeared. Both Hatshepsut and Tuthmosis III built a temple dedicated to Amun here and Later Rameses III constructed his larger memorial temple on the site.

13:00 Lunch
Price: 15 USD
19:00 Panorama Sunset Dinner at Habu Hotel EcoLode

The Hymms of Isis went viral during The Precession of The Mummies, Cairo in 2021. The Temple of Isis connects with Goddess and the incredible ceremony of The East Gate right opposite Ash’s Habu Hotel EcoLodge. This area was dedicated to the most secret of Goddess Sekhmet and Hathor. Cults. This is an extraordinary special visit.
Price 250 GBP

Day 8

Departure from Luxor Airport
Optional extra days at The Ark Abusir and Habu Hotel EcoLodge


The Ark Abusir was designed and created by Ash in sacred inspiration of her service to humanity. She creates retreat facilities that are living souls- sacred spaces that support ancient journeys and spirituality discovery. Her facilities are built on powerful ancient gateways. The Ark Abusir is a purpose built elite retreat and events space for 20 people at Abusir Pyramids and Abu Ghorab Obelisk & seven sun temples. The Ark Abusir is powerfully aligned with Heliopolis, Memphis and Giza in a creation story of humanity. Ash revolutionises with an ark of knowledge and initiation of ancient history secrets and new era spirituality . A panoramic rooftop aligns with a unique pyramids field experience. Ash is a collector, mystic and gatekeeper. Thes view of iconic sites include the Great Pyramid, at Abusir Pyramids-Sahure, Neferirkare and Neferefre, at Abusir- Abu Ghorab, at Saqqara- the Pyramid of Unas, the Pyramid of Djoser, the Serapium and Dashur- the Red Pyramid. The Ark Abusir designed and energetically prepared for restoration and retreat, nature, meditation, inner journeys, initiations and ceremonies. Our reset-concept invites sacred inner work with silence and meditation areas, prayer and yoga mats, fire ceremony pit, lounge and journaling sofas, ritual candles and healing crystals. Each bedroom has en-suite bathroom and shower, each with sumptuous four poster bed for deep process and dreaming. Key travel experiences: mysticism and academic, evolution, consciousness, ancient journeys and conscious tourism, iconic history, style, culture, Islam, pyramids and unequalled geology.

Imagine an historical hotel where the timelines of ancient Egypt and its famed archeologists and explorers sits in the most extraordinary landscape of ancient sites. Luxor surpasses even the new Grand Museum. Here you travel in time, walking in the footsteps of legendary Kings and Queens to know the spirit of ancient egypt and the eternal souls of the pharaohs. Nothing can compare to quality of travel experience. We help you make your dreams of ancient Egypt come true. We produce quality tours that can immerse you alone at night in an iconic ancient site. We produce highest quality tours, bonafide ministry of antiquities sites permissions, with a network of professionals dedicated to highest quality Egyptology, Culture and Tourism. We honour this and uphold this. It is our service to transform tourism in Egypt so you experience the very best.

Please be aware of cultural and religious conservatism and laws. Check your government agency guidelines for Egypt Travel. Tour Induction will include Egypt Travel Guidelines.

Purchase your 25 USD visa upon arriving, from bank windows before reaching Passport Control. Your Landing Card will be completed. Please use The Ark Abusir, Giza Governate, Cairo as your destination.

All currencies accepted and exchanged. USD, EURO & GBP are preferred.

Please be aware of cultural conservatism regarding public meditation and yoga.

We cater for all diet requirements. V, VG, GF, LF. Please indicate your preferences so we can prepare your stay. Raw and Juice Detox is an option.

At the Arrivals exit look for our team with THE ARK ABUSIR or HABU HOTEL ECOLODGE signs. The Ark Abusir is s 1 hour from Cairo International airport. Habu Hotel EcoLodge is 45 minutes from Luxor International Airport.

Be conscious of your carbon footprint, social impact and retreat protocols aware. Be mindful of interactions, spiritual and healing processes. There are advanced specialist sessions to mentor you through challenge or potential.

Foreign travellers are tracked in multiple government agencies for security and safety. Security agents and convoys are deployed to groups

Comfortable walking boots or trainers for ancient sites and Sahara terrain. Lightweight jacket, pullover and socks for cooler evenings. Cool, loose cottons and linens for daytime. Sunscreen, sunglasses and scarves to cover arms or head. Water bottle. Journal and pens.



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